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About Us is a USA and Canada base company that links Job seekers with their dream jobs. Over the years, we have provided jobs for over 52,000 people and still counting.


To assist and process jobs for unemployed people in USA and Canada. We have been on some major news platform.


We are here to help people get jobs and not just any job but their dream jobs.

Why Choose Us?

24 hours job will not just help you to get your dream job but also assist you to process every documented needed by your employer. 

We have provided jobs for thousands of job seekers in USA and Canada. We make it easy for job seekers to get their dream jobs. All you have to do is to fill out the job form and tell us the three types of jobs you would love us to get for you in the form description/Message box. The relax and watch us get that job for you. 

Find a Remote Job That You Love

People are happy when they get employed but are more happy when they are doing what they love more. Getting that dream job for you is our number focus and that is why we are one of the best JOB SEEKERS IN USA AND CANADA

Focus on the bigger picture of performance

When looking for a job, don’t just look at the money you will be paid. But focus on the bigger picture of performance. Seek for jobs you will do better not jobs that will pay you better. Those who perform well always get promoted but if you fail to perform remember your job might be at risk. Always focus on the bigger picture of performance.

Our Global Team

Highly Motivated Team with Sense of Humour

At 24 hours job, we have highly motivated staffs that will guide you through out the period we are working on your dream job. Always feel free to contact us whenever you need our help or have questions.

Thank you for helping me get my dream job. Most importantly, all these was done in 4 weeks. I was surprised.
Pricilia Doe
Best job seeking website i came accross with. Thank you for putting food on my table.
Daniel johnson
A friend told me about you and today, i will say thank God for making me know you. You are the reason i'm employed today.
Mark Hoffman
When i applied, i never believed you guys will call me back. when i saw your email that i have gotten new job i also never believe it until my first day in work. Thank you so much @
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Patricia Mary